How I can help

Helping people become more aware of what drives them -what fuels the thoughts that they think, the feelings that they feel and the actions that they take- is my passion. Discovering what limits us and then transforming our limitations is the key. Underneath it all is usually a belief system that minimizes us in some way, that stands in the way of our own brilliance and frankly isn't true. Let me help you uncover who you really are- magnificent!


About Me

My training and experience incorporate everything from working in an inpatient psychiatric facility to being a diplomate in certified energy psychology. I have many traditions  to pull from; however, my focus is helping people raise their consciousness. I have many tools in the toolbox including mindfulness training, a certification in energy psychology, breath work and traditional CBT. Many of you know energy psychology by the name of tapping but that is only one method in a myriad of techniques. Let's discover what works best for you!   


Services Offered

I work with individuals ages 15-80 and also couples. I do not accept insurance as it does not fit the paradigm from which I work. Sessions are $120.00 and can be in person or by video or phone  in the privacy of your own home. I also offer an email option for established clients. Email counseling is $50.00. There is a $25.00 text messaging option as well for small issues.